Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Thoughts and Lots of Pictures

Here are just a few random tidbits that have been occurring in Sister Hewitson's mission experience! Enjoy :) 

President Riggs has decided to let us all go to a baseball game in DC on Aug 2, because of the missions exact obedience. It's gonna be swarmed with missionaries! We are supposed to talk to 20 people each companionship so everyone is going to be getting an earful of missionary stuff. 

We also have been given instructions in the mission to do a lot more online facebook chat teaching. so if you know of anyone who wants to do online discussions, send them my way! Go through your facebook friends, phone contacts anything! I could also do a Skype lesson with them with you present! MOTIVATION!!! do anything to find anyone that can be taught. and even if you think that they will reject it, invite them anyway. at least you can put your mind to rest that you did something about it :)

It was pouring rain on tues! pouring! in buckets! but...we went and tracked anyway because we felt very strongly that we had to. the second we get out of the car, the umbrella didn't even work that well so we were soaked! and the first door we knock on they let us in and we teach the wife about the gospel! turns out she was a previous investigator 29 years ago and even remembers her set baptism date Dec 20! but her family was against the church so she never did end up getting baptized. she has been thinking about religion a lot and so this is perfect timing! she speaks better Spanish than English so we passed her off to the burke hermanas but it was a total rain miracle nonetheless.

 it was my one month anniversary for being out in the field on the 12th :)

A couple nights ago when we were nightly planning there was a HUGE knock at our door and scared us bad. we opened it after a minute and no one was there but had left some cookies. they were in a plastic bag with no note. we were way freaked out. we didn't wana eat the maybe poisoned cookies! we went to text our district if anyone dropped off cookies to us and then we got a text saying that there was an amber alert in burke for a stolen car! we just had bad momma judu about it all. it was hilarious to be honest! then we found out today that the sisters in our district did give us them, but we didn't know so we never ate them. moral of the story...leave notes with your cookies!

we fasted when we went to the temple and didn't have time to close the fast or eat so we went to a lesson right after the temple and it was a miracle lesson! I KNOW that it was because we were fasting. we went in there thinking that we would talk about the importance of church and the sacrament and we didn't talk about any of it. Sister Cheek was the member we were meeting with and she's scared to go to the temple because of unresolved concerns and never opened up and told us what they were, but she opened up to us so much and so out of the blue! she was sobbing and just begging for help and we felt that we had finally gotten to the root of her problems! fasting WORKS!

we went to the fireworks for independence day!!! a ward member named sister garces took us with her family. we got to leave at 6pm and didn't get back until 12 because of the INSANE dc traffic. CRAZY! we tried :) the show was amazing. there is nothing like seeing fireworks with the dc monument for a backdrop :):) not to brag or anything :)

whatever this is, she probably sent it to me, megan, to scare me. yeah she did. 


Sister Jorgensen and Alyssa at Burke Lake

Burke Lake. It's hard being short...

Doing service...painting! 

Sister Hewitson on her one month anniversary in the field

Burke is all forest

"It was raining buckets!" 

At DC fireworks with members
Fireworks on the Fourth! 

Temple Day

"People are funny and such weirdies...but we just laugh"

More thoughts from our missionary who we love so dearly..

I'm in the mission field! Right now my area includes Burke and Springfield, Virginia--beautiful places. The weather here depends on the day. Some days are so hot and humid you can barely breathe, whereas other days it feels so nice that all you want to do is be outside. Me and Sister Jorgensen have had picnics outside with our weekly and daily planning and have met a lot of people that way too. So ya, its humid all the time, but not as bad as I thought, We will see if I say the same thing in July ;)

My companion Sister Jorgensen is AMAZING. I'm seriously not even kidding. I did indeed get the best trainer out here. She is from Riverton, Utah...I think. She is so much fun and I love being around her because she's as open as me. She does crazy things like Allie Gardner but has the soul of Ashlee Baggs. (a great mix) She is so funny and patient and loving and easy going but works way hard. She answers my billions of questions and tells me when I do something wrong, which I love so that way I know what to fix and do better. Best trainer in the world is with me in Burke area. 

My investigators are great. I am teaching so much and so many people. Not all of them are solid but there are a couple that are. I was a little nervous in my first lesson, but what can you do? I was already there and ready to go so no backing out. I just trusted in God and He lead the always :) We have two investigators ready for baptism with the date of August 2.  We are also involved a lot with the ward and are teaching new members and less actives. I love the people here because everyone is so different from the other. We have been literally pushed off porches before. There was this one guy we tracked and he said that he was going to count down from ten, and if we weren't off his porch we wouldn't live to see the next day...I just kept talking to him for another minute. People are funny and such weirdies, but we just laugh. 

My ward is great. Not as good as the Orchard 5th ward, but still way nice. A few are for sure on the higher society scale but many people are that way here anyway. Everyone has Type A personalities, so scheduling is a love of theirs. Bishop Southwick is great and helps us with everything, and the new ward mission leader, Brother Green, is outstanding! He does everything he can to help us out even with calling investigators. It helps us out a ton so we have more time to teach and find. Sister Olson coordinates the meals and I get fed at least one meal every sing day. It's insane. I've already had so many new foods from different people and countries, I love it...even if I do get the runs afterward. 

Enjoy the pictures! 

Our Apartment

The closet...spacious right :)

Everyone needs a bathroom pic ;) 

map of our area

This is my desk where I study for 3 hours every day

Life at the MTC

 I love my companion Sister Rossi and my district is THE BEST!! I'm not kidding. They have all become like my family. We are all going to DC South besides one sister and she's going to Hawaii. We have investigators that we practice teaching on and one is a black lady named Lawanna, an old man named Arnold, and our teachers character of a black man named Ken. Lawanna is sooo sassy that I love it. She's always like "mm.hmm..." and it cracks me up. My people!!! 

Here are some pics that she sent me. Sorry they are so small/blurry, but that's on her end so I can't do much about it. The last picture is of our sister in Washington, D.C. Doesn't she look so happy? :) 

MTC District

MTC Companion, Sister Rossi

New Companion Sister Jorgensen

Finally in DC! 

New Ownership :)

To everyone who is wanting to follow Sister Alyssa Hewitson on her mission, but has realized there have been no recent posts. Yeah sorry about that. Its been undergoing some changes...but it will be better now!

This is Megan, Alyssa's best friend ;), and she has asked me to keep her blog updated with stories and pictures from her mission! I know I have been slacking, she has been in the mission field for over a month now, its crazy! But I promised her I would keep everyone else up to date with stories from her mission and lots and lots of she better send me lots! (Lets see how well she does, folks) :)

 Enjoy reading about her adventures!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today I become a missionary..!!

Well it came! I can't believe that the day is here that I will be set apart as a missionary. I have been waiting such a long time and am just so ready to go and we've The Lord and His children in the D.C. South area. I wish I could explain all of my emotions but I can't because I'm feeling every emotion you can feel pretty much all at once. It's crazy! But I love it! If you want to email me you can at I will try to blog when I can but I don't know how crazy it's going to be these next few weeks :) I wanted to bear my testimony to all and anyone who will listen to me...

I have a testimony of this true church...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that it is the only true church on this earth today and that it was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that we have a true and living prophet Thomas S. Monson to lead and guide us in these last days . I know that Jesus is my brother and died not only for my sins but for every person's sins that have been and will ever be in this earth. I know that my Heavenly Father knows and loves me and He will direct my paths in the directions that He wants me to go. I love Him so much. I love my family. They are who I need to help me through this life and who I need to stand by my side. I couldn't ask for better. I love my friends also who have helped me through hard times. I know that going on a mission to D.C. South is the right thing for me to do at this time in my life. I love this church. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1 week left + Missionary Pictures + Farewell + friend temple day = a Holy Ghost Headache :)

  Holy moly so much as happened in these last few days! But it's been great so I haven't waited around watching the clock for the hours to go by. Well, ONE WEEK from today I will be in the Provo MTC. That's a little crazy, scary, exciting and just about every other emotion packed into me all at once. But it's great! I am so ready to just get this mission on the road and start doing what the Lord has called me to do. 1 week!
  My mission farewell was so much fun! I spoke in church on the importance of being a good example and felt like it was just such an easy topic to talk about. I was of course nervous but once I started to get into the talk all my nerves went away and the only thing I felt was the Spirit. It became more and more powerful and I loved that Heavenly Father would allow His angels to fill the room at my farewell and let us all feel His spirit so strongly. It was a true blessing that I will never forget. Thank you to all that attended. I loved having you there and am grateful for you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come hear my talk. Thank you for those who gave me mission gifts and cards, you have no idea what it means to me and my family and I am truly grateful. I am blessed to know so many wonderful and giving people. I love you. Thank you also to Courtney and Ann for singing and playing my favorite hymn "I Stand All Amazed." It was a true blessing to have this beautiful song be performed by two beautiful people. That song is my heart and I was blessed to have you show that to everyone who came. Thank you also to my baby sister Natalie for having the courage to speak right along with me. I know it was scary having all those people there to speak to, but I am grateful that you did it and shared my special day with me. You did great! After the meeting, I finally got to my house to find so many of my friends and family there wanting to see me and visit with me and say goodbye. This truly touched my heart. I hope everyone had a good time because I know for sure that I did! What a special day to share with so many special people in my life. Thank you.
  I also had my missionary pictures taken my Gallery Photography at Temple Square (my favorite place in Utah) and Kelly did a great job! I have chosen to share a few of my favorites on my blog so that everyone can see them if they would like to. I highly recommend Gallery Photography, I truly had so much fun doing my pictures! If anyone would also like to leave a comment and tell me what picture is your favorite then that would help me which one(s) to have printed. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them!
  This morning I had the blessing of attending a session at the Bountiful temple with two of my best friends, Allie Gardner and Ashlee Baggs (Hermana Gardner and Sister Baggs.) We have all known each other since kindergarten and it is amazing that we have all made it this far and have all chosen to serve missions at the same time. Hermana Gardner is going to Cancun, Mexico and Sister Baggs is off to Lyon, France. I love these girls and know that they will do great. I tell them to not worry and go off to these different countries in the world and I'll say here in the good old USA in D.C. and Virginia to hold down the fort in the states :) It's so fun to see where everyone is going and I love it.
  Well, I'm thinking that I have just about talked everyone's ear off and I do apologize for that. I have a huge Holy Ghost headache but I guess I may as well get used to having one everyday for the next 18 months ;)

Sister Hewitson

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2 weeks's getting real :)

   For me personally, it is amazing how just this one piece of paper has completely changed my life and put me in the path and direction that my Father in Heaven wants me to be on. Just one piece of paper! Wow. Now that my report date is only 2 weeks away I realize more and more each day the true blessing it is to be called to serve the Lord. It's overwhelming, hard and sometimes feels impossible, but I have been called to serve the Lord in D.C. South so that is what I am going to do. And what a blessing that is! I love my area already and am already biased in saying that it's the best mission ever and I haven't even had one day out in the field yet. A little crazy I know. 
   Each day that passes I can see more little tender mercies in my life and for my family. It has been a struggle with my dad loosing his job when the company he worked for decided to lay off a lot of their employees with no notice. That has for sure been a family trial. But through the service and kindness of others me and my family has felt that our Heavenly Father truly is watching over us and sends people to help me get ready for my mission every single day. I wanted to thank those who have helped me and my family for preparing for my mission in any way that you have served us. I love you and am truly grateful for what you have done- big or small.
   I will be having my farewell this Sunday May 18th at 9 am at the Orchard Stake Center in Bountiful. I hope all those that want to attend can come and see me speak. There will be treats at my house right after!
   I also wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of when I received my call before I opened it and after it was opened. These are such precious memories that will last forever.
   I'm sorry that I am not the best blog writer in the world but I do promise to try my best to keep things updated and posted when I can for those who want an update on this future sister missionary :)
   Thank you for everyone's love and support. Enjoy the pics!