Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Thoughts and Lots of Pictures

Here are just a few random tidbits that have been occurring in Sister Hewitson's mission experience! Enjoy :) 

President Riggs has decided to let us all go to a baseball game in DC on Aug 2, because of the missions exact obedience. It's gonna be swarmed with missionaries! We are supposed to talk to 20 people each companionship so everyone is going to be getting an earful of missionary stuff. 

We also have been given instructions in the mission to do a lot more online facebook chat teaching. so if you know of anyone who wants to do online discussions, send them my way! Go through your facebook friends, phone contacts anything! I could also do a Skype lesson with them with you present! MOTIVATION!!! do anything to find anyone that can be taught. and even if you think that they will reject it, invite them anyway. at least you can put your mind to rest that you did something about it :)

It was pouring rain on tues! pouring! in buckets! but...we went and tracked anyway because we felt very strongly that we had to. the second we get out of the car, the umbrella didn't even work that well so we were soaked! and the first door we knock on they let us in and we teach the wife about the gospel! turns out she was a previous investigator 29 years ago and even remembers her set baptism date Dec 20! but her family was against the church so she never did end up getting baptized. she has been thinking about religion a lot and so this is perfect timing! she speaks better Spanish than English so we passed her off to the burke hermanas but it was a total rain miracle nonetheless.

 it was my one month anniversary for being out in the field on the 12th :)

A couple nights ago when we were nightly planning there was a HUGE knock at our door and scared us bad. we opened it after a minute and no one was there but had left some cookies. they were in a plastic bag with no note. we were way freaked out. we didn't wana eat the maybe poisoned cookies! we went to text our district if anyone dropped off cookies to us and then we got a text saying that there was an amber alert in burke for a stolen car! we just had bad momma judu about it all. it was hilarious to be honest! then we found out today that the sisters in our district did give us them, but we didn't know so we never ate them. moral of the story...leave notes with your cookies!

we fasted when we went to the temple and didn't have time to close the fast or eat so we went to a lesson right after the temple and it was a miracle lesson! I KNOW that it was because we were fasting. we went in there thinking that we would talk about the importance of church and the sacrament and we didn't talk about any of it. Sister Cheek was the member we were meeting with and she's scared to go to the temple because of unresolved concerns and never opened up and told us what they were, but she opened up to us so much and so out of the blue! she was sobbing and just begging for help and we felt that we had finally gotten to the root of her problems! fasting WORKS!

we went to the fireworks for independence day!!! a ward member named sister garces took us with her family. we got to leave at 6pm and didn't get back until 12 because of the INSANE dc traffic. CRAZY! we tried :) the show was amazing. there is nothing like seeing fireworks with the dc monument for a backdrop :):) not to brag or anything :)

whatever this is, she probably sent it to me, megan, to scare me. yeah she did. 


Sister Jorgensen and Alyssa at Burke Lake

Burke Lake. It's hard being short...

Doing service...painting! 

Sister Hewitson on her one month anniversary in the field

Burke is all forest

"It was raining buckets!" 

At DC fireworks with members
Fireworks on the Fourth! 

Temple Day

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